Simply Digital the software

Empower your business with the transformative power of intelligent automation.


Explore all the benefits you will find for your business inside our all in 1 software.

Simply Digital... The only software your business needs!

  • Full Online Booking, Pipelines, Social Cal, Website Builder, And More!

  • Nurture & Close Leads Into Customers

  • All The Tools To Capture More Leads

  • Single Account for all of your business Automation and Marketing needs

  • Api Access - Integrate With Anything

  • Host your own community for your personal customers

  • Build your own course and host it inside our software

  • Email / Phone / Text Marketing

  • Split Testing

  • Automated Social Media Responses

  • AI Conversational Bot

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price?

Simply Digital Software is a monthly subscription service for $97usd/month

What systems does this replace that I'm currently using?

Simply digital replaces, Stan Store, Kajabi, , Flodesk, SMS marketing, Clickfunnels, Manychat, Communities and so much more....

What is your affiliate Program?

Our affiliate program offers 45% monthly recurring commissions for every one of your clients you sign up, if you sign up 10 clients that is 436.50 in commsion every month, 100 clients that is 4336.50 in commisions every single month

Can we cancel our subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time after the first month, but you will no longer be able to be an affiliate for the software, we want people who truly understand the software selling it so you can answer any of your clients questions

Do I have to use the software

If you want to be able to use the pre built funnels for the Simply Digital course as well as all of the added templates we provide including our email marketing campaign, then yes you will need to use the software

Can I still use my stan store?

If you use the software and decide you dont love it, you do have the option to A) keep the subscription so you can continue being an affiliate and put the link in your stan store to your funnel, or B) cancel your subscription , and simply sell the course and not the software as you will no longer be an affiliate without an active subscription to the software

Can we use the software without your course?

Yes you can, although if you need the training for the software, I would suggest grabbing the Simply Digital Course

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